Diagonal Hog Ring Pliers

Diagonal Hog Ring Pliers / Diagonal - Closed Spring

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Hog Ring Pliers (Diagonal - Closed Spring - 1440BC

A multi-purpose forged steel tool,  diagonal hog ring pliers are in effect a heavy-duty stapler more adapt at joining some of the heavy-duty fabrics, such as burlap, canvas, leather, and vinyl.

A simple hand tool - offering comfort and durability to complete the toughest of jobs, such as fence joining, cages, upholstery work (attach seat covers or similar in the automotive or furniture industry) bedding, or crab traps.

A hog ring is placed in the pliers adapted jaws, and a quick squeeze results in the ring closing and holds ring until clamped on for a secure hold. A solid grooved jaw set of pliers are constructed in a corrosion-resistant zinc-plated steel, stainless steel, with a PVC coated handle for a non-slip, soft grip, and features a spring-loaded jaw to hold rings in place, a handle with cushion grip for a comfortable crimping with little effort.